Week 7 Hour Glass Picks and ATS in College Football

Photo courtesy of 247sports.com - TMB

Week seven of college football is upon us and mercy, if it’s anything like week six, we are in for a wild ride and your picks may be as well. Week six saw 30-percent of all division one games decided by seven points or less, major upsets and overtime finishes. We are closing in on the first College Football Playoff Poll, which will roll out on Tuesday October 31st, so every week the games intensify as far as standings, playoff positioning and conference championship participants.

Last week we went 23-11, which was our worst week to date; and for the year it brought us to 216-42 (84%). This week we will roll out our picks and ATS picks as well, fully testing our model and stressing it to the “nth” degree.

Reminder our Saturday Morning Tailgate show will be on from 7-9 AM this week, an hour early to accommodate Mississippi State football; so be up early and give us a jingle as you can win weekly prizes in our Hotel and Restaurant Supply of Jackson pick’em contest. You can always stream the show on the zone. 

It should be another great weekend of college football around the country, and for kicks, if you missed it – here are our updated College Football Playoff Projections to date.

Week seven picks are below.

# TEAM Location TEAM Vegas Line Hour Glass Pick ATS PICK
1 Georgia Tech at Miami 6.5 Miami Miami
2 Clemson at Syracuse 21 Clemson Syracuse
3 Washington State at California 13 Washington State California
4 TCU at Kansas State 4.5 TCU TCU
5 Michigan at Indiana 6.5 Michigan Michigan
6 NC State at Pittsburgh 12 NC State NC State
7 Texas Tech at West Virginia 3 West Virginia West Virginia
8 Florida State at Duke 7 Florida State Florida State
9 Rutgers at Illinois 2.5 Illinois Rutgers
10 BYU at Miss. State 22.5 Miss. State BYU
11 South Carolina at Tennessee 2.5 Tennessee Tennessee
12 Kansas at Iowa State 20.5 Iowa State Kansas
13 Boston College at Louisville 21.5 Louisville Louisville
14 Purdue at Wisconsin 16.5 Wisconsin Purdue
15 Auburn at LSU 6 LSU Auburn
16 Oklahoma N Texas 7.5 Oklahoma Oklahoma
17 Baylor at Oklahoma State 25.5 Oklahoma State Baylor
18 Virginia at North Carolina 4 Virginia North Carolina
19 Northwestern at Maryland 3.5 Northwestern Maryland
20 Vanderbilt at Ole Miss 3 Ole Miss Ole Miss
21 Houston at Tulsa 13.5 Houston Tulsa
22 Colorado at Oregon State 12.5 Colorado Oregon State
23 East Carolina at UCF 34 UCF East Carolina
24 UTEP at Southern Miss 22 Southern Miss UTEP
25 Texas A&M at Florida 3 Florida A&M
26 Arkansas at Alabama 30.5 Alabama Arkansas
27 Missouri at Georgia 30.5 Georgia Missouri
28 Ohio State at Nebraska 24 Ohio State Nebraska
29 Cincinnati at South Florida 24.5 South Florida Cincinatti
30 Utah at USC 13 USC Utah
31 Michigan State at Minnesota 4.5 Michigan State Michigan State
32 UCLA at Arizona 1.5 UCLA UCLA
33 Boise State at San Diego State 7 San Diego State Boise State
34 Washington at Arizona State 17 Washington Arizona State
35 Oregon at Stanford 10.5 Stanford Oregon