An early look into the class of 2023 in Mississippi High School recruiting

It’s never to early to start looking ahead at high school football recruiting as the class of 2023 has entered the building.

Every year in the State of Mississippi, we see the ebbs and flows of position groups, strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to football recruiting. As always, the state is chop full of great talent and we want you to start getting familiar with those names.

With the advent of the transfer portal and NIL (name image and likeness), recruiting and college rosters have changed forever.

Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Jackson State and more will dial in on the top prospects the state has to offer. And as always, don’t be surprised to see Alabama, LSU, Georgia and others slip in and grab a top prospect.

Recent 247sports dot com data shows the top 16 players in the state currently. More will populate as we head into camp season and the summer. The list can be found by clicking here. Stay here for all your sports information, on ESPN 1059 the Zone.

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